Saturday, November 15, 2008

Majestique Friend~ Ms. Rikki of MizzEllaneous!

Graphic Design, Web Consulting and Training provides professional graphic design services, bringing consistency and fluidity to your marketing collaterals.

MizzEllaneous is currently being restructured to include training and consulting, services for independent artists, and some more sweet twists! Sign up for our mailing list NOW...

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Check her out!!! Great designs, Professional Service and Outstanding personality! I spoke with Ms. Rikki yesterday and she made me feel super duper was like chatting with an old friend!!! BUT, at the same time, she was very professional! She totally understood what I was "trying" to convey... LOL... So, if you are in the need for graphic work, give her a shout!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Majestique Kisses Sale!!!

Pucker Up for Majestique Kisses Sale!!!
Keep those lips kissable with
Majestique's Better Butter Lip Balm!

Limited Time Special Offer!
3 Lip Balm Sticks for $5.00
(Normal Price $2.00 Each)
Lip Balms come in Sachet!
2 Scented & 1 Unscented!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES WE DID!!!!!!

WE DID IT!!!! YES WE CAN AND WE DID!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Be sure to stop by to get updates and details on our new PRESIDENT-ELECT! Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for everyone registering and VOTING!!! I'm soooooooo proud of everyone!!!
Now... I have to go celebrate some more!!!! Have a blessed day!