Monday, October 20, 2008

What's That Your Reading Now!!!

Ok... I'm always ripping through novels!!! Just a heads up for those of you seeking a drama packed novel... let me now suggest "Secrets of a Housewife" and the sequel "More Secrets, More Lies" by J. Tremble.

These books were given to me by a good friend/book buddy (A.P)...and she stressed to me the importance of having the sequel ON HAND when I finished the first book. And YES... she was right!!! Both books were packed with DRAMA, LIES, SUSPENSE, Did I say DRAMA!!!... J. Tremble (who is a native of Maryland) kept a consistant juggling of true chaos...The characters, the plot.. the action. Whew.... Both are Must reads!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Majestique Kisses for YOU! Pucker Up!!!

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Majestique Friend ~ Tamra Moody!!!

Please meet and greet Ms. Tamra Moody by visiting her site... . I met this wonderful sister while at the Charlotte Literary Festival in September 2008!! Not only is she a wonderful person, but a creative and caring soul. Ms. Moody was inspired to write children's books about divorce and other issues after the break up of her 13 year marriage and seeing the amount of support her son needed during that time.

Please pass along her information!!! DJ's Corner is a great creation that is much needed in our communities!!! Check out her awesome book- "My Parents are Getting a Divorce"!!!