Monday, October 20, 2008

What's That Your Reading Now!!!

Ok... I'm always ripping through novels!!! Just a heads up for those of you seeking a drama packed novel... let me now suggest "Secrets of a Housewife" and the sequel "More Secrets, More Lies" by J. Tremble.

These books were given to me by a good friend/book buddy (A.P)...and she stressed to me the importance of having the sequel ON HAND when I finished the first book. And YES... she was right!!! Both books were packed with DRAMA, LIES, SUSPENSE, Did I say DRAMA!!!... J. Tremble (who is a native of Maryland) kept a consistant juggling of true chaos...The characters, the plot.. the action. Whew.... Both are Must reads!!!

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Anonymous said...

Read them both and you have never lied! They were PACKED with twists, turns, drama, Really good reads...a great escape. Played out like movie on paper! Thank you A.P. for recommending these books!