Monday, June 25, 2012

Majestique HipHop Indie Artist Pick 2012- WARCHYLD

Majestique Indie Artist Pick-
The New Face of Makaveli ---WARCHYLD! 

From Philly to Miami- Warchyld is blazin' new trails with hot tracks, vicious lyrics, and beats of fiyah.  For the true hip-hop lover....

Click Itunes link below to purchase your Warchyld album! 

Movie Star - Single - Warchyld

Friday, June 22, 2012

Majestique's List of 10 Fun Things to do this Summer!!!

Ms. Majestique's list of 10 FUN FREE Things to do this Summer!

1- Go see a movie! Yes, FREE! It’s my favorite thing to do! Contact your local theater to see if they offer free kids movies during the summer! If they do, let me warn you… eat a big breakfast and get there about 30 minutes early. The lines can be long! And be prepared for the crying babies and other shananagins. But really, who cares.. it’s FREE!
2- Take a HIKE! … Visit your local park and walk the trail. Take pictures, collect leaves, see if you can find any animals hiding in the bushes!
3- Play double-dutch or catch! Bring the old school back! Teach them that it doesn’t have to have an on and off switch to be fun!
4- Go for a Bike Ride. Lots of parks are bike friendly! If your family is a biking one… make an afternoon of it! You get plenty of fresh air, sunshine. Exercise and the children will sleep better that night!
5- Visit a museum! Most of them are free! So, pack a cooler for afterwards and head to the nearest museum! Most museums are kid friendly and may even offer a scavenger hunt for them! Call ahead to see. If not, make your own!
6- See who’s serving dinner for FREE! Most restaurants have a “Kids Eat Free Night”… have your child surf the net for who’s serving what for FREE! Make a calendar and viola… FREE DINNER… (for the kids) and a No Cook Zone night for you!
7- Have a Tea Party… complete with cookies and Lemonade! For boys.. have a Soda Mixer! (Same concept as a Tea Party.. just use kids frosty mugs and pretzels.- allow scratching and plenty of burping to make it fun!)
8- If you have a pool in your backyard or neighborhood …. that’s awesome! ENJOY. If not, consider the good old fashioned sprinkler system or a fun water balloon fight! Aim low! We don’t want any trips to the E.R.
9- Arts and Crafts! Use whatever you have laying around the house!... Macaroni, rice, beans, paper, glue, sissors, and paint. Spread out the newspaper and let them be creative! You’ll be surprised at what they come up with! Just be prepared to put it on display.
10-Head to your local library for story time! Just call ahead to see if and when they offer it!

So, now that I’ve started you on your way… this will keep the children busy for at least a week…. It’s up to you to find something for next week!  If you find anything else that’s fun and FREE….. let me know!

Good Luck and Have a GREAT Summer!!!

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