Monday, May 3, 2010

Time Management 101 for the SUPER Busy Mom & Entrepreneur!

Time Management 101 for the SUPER Busy Mom & Entrepreneur!

Greetings to all of my Majestique Friends!!!

I know personally one of challenges of being a business woman/entrepreneur and a WAHM (Work at home mom) is getting and staying organized with your space and your time! Yep... I've been accused of being an organized mess! So, I've spent ample time getting organized and TRYING to stay that way. My challenge is that I have a business that has 3 different focuses... Event Planning (props), Gift Baskets...(more props) and my spa line (supplies supplies and more supplies). Add that to a CRAZY ACTIVE 10 year old girl and the normal hub bub of any house (dance classes, activities, socializing, cooking, cleaning)... and you have INSTANT CHAOS which will leave you pulling your hair out and frazzled beyond words! SO, I thought it would be helpful, if I asked a few of my good friends to chip in and gave their tips on getting and staying organized with your time and business! I'll start...

1- This helps the most for me... I do not leave my house without a LIST!!!! AND, I take time to actually plan my errands... in a clockwise direction... YES, it saves TIME! By eliminating left turns when you can... you shave off TONS of time from errand running!!!

2- I write EVERYTHING down. Ok, I'm the post it queen... and at the end of the day, I take all of my post it's and jot them into my book so I can organize my day and week.

3- May sound corny, but I even plan my meals... (no wonder I'm an event planner)... again, saves time at the store, and less stress come dinner time.

4- I toss junk mail immediately! Don't worry, they will send MORE!

5- EVERYTHING in my office is now in clear storage boxes with labels.... that's ALOT of boxes. LOL

6- I've opted for a delivery service that will pick up my packages for a FREE (USPS)... (less money than the gas I'd have to use to go drop it off! LOL) This saves me about 45 minutes in a day...If I have to drop off, I'll do it without making a left turn. :-)

7. Get into a routine. If it’s possible, where it’s possible. If you have children, it helps a lot for them as well. With lots of practice, and maybe a few adult temper tantrums, your house can run as a well oiled machine.

LAST... I continue to take baby steps.... I try to be realistic about my day... what can I REALLLLLY get done in a day, What NEEDS to be done today and what can wait until tomorrow or next week. We’ve all heard it… Our short term goals vs. our long term goals.

So... jump in and share!!! Maybe we can learn something from each other!!! A few tips I’ve received from my Majestique friends include…
1. Like you I have post it’s everywhere.

2. I read my mail over the trash can, yep no need to hold on to junk mail, other stuff gets shredded.

3. Grocery shopping online - this has been a God send. Do I REALLY need to find somewhere to park, stand in line, deal with the folks who leave their carts in the middle of the lane...NO!

4. Getting some help around the house. Hired someone from a reputable company to help out with the household chores.

5. Eliminate time wasters- people and things. Cut them out! That is the biggest thing to being organized- time management. If folks can't respect your time- cut them out of your life like weeds and what your little garden grow-organized and beautiful!

6. Random emails- respond to those you need to, mark for follow up or unread those that can wait.

7. I keep most of my tasks list and info in MS Outlook. At first the popups drove me crazy, but they were necessary to keep me on track.

8. I also have a pocket calendar and I always carry around a 5x7 notepad so when people call when I'm on the road, I can jot down things quick, fast, and in a hurry, so I won't forget.

9. Like Ms. Majestique, I make sure that I plan my route before I leave the house and drive in a circular motion. My son thought I was crazy, but now that he's driving and having to pay for gas, I see him picking up on it real fast!

10. Thank God for teenagers!! I got them a chore calendar and everyone knows what and when to do what for around the house... I hardly touch a dish or vacuum anymore, hallelujah! And honey, gets a honey do list, too, to help out...

11. Another great tip to share would be delegation. We always are trying to be superwoman and don't realize that many times, by holding on to some tasks that we should let go, we are preventing ourselves from moving to the next level.

So, it feels good to see some duplicates… it makes me feel like I’m on the right track!!! I’ve already incorporated a few of the ideas into my daily routine! I certainly hope this helps you out as well!!!!

Written by C. Little 2008