Friday, July 17, 2009

TOSS IT! ~Majestiquely CLEAN! Obtaining “NEW” energy!

Let’s face it… we live in an extremely fast paced world… some call it a “microwave society”. We don’t always get to follow through on the little things that clear the way for good energy and relaxation! So… I’ve compiled a list of a few QUICK tasks that will help clear your environment and in the process rejuvenate your space and energy!!! I’ve tried them and I must say it works!

1- Clear ALL clutter and junk from your home. This is hard for pack rats!!! BUT… simple rule, if you haven’t used it by the time you found it again… then you won’t need it anytime soon. Toss it! Don’t fool yourself by saying.. “oh, I can sell this on Ebay”. NOT gonna happen. Most of the time if you’re a pack rat, then you’re a procrastinator also. TOSS IT! This goes for your cars, purses, pockets, etc. (no gum wrappers, receipts, loose business cards or flyers) The entry way to your home, under your bed and behind your doors should be free of clutter.
2- Get rid of unwanted gifts and presents. YES, it’s alright to toss those too. I admit I feel bad about throwing out gifts, but if you’re not using them, and they are taking up space, TOSS IT! Besides, your close family and friends know what you like, and will be around to see you enjoy it.
3- ONLY keep photos that remind you of GOOD THINGS & TIMES!!! Toss (or burn) old photos of ex’s, old friends whom with your not so friendly anymore or anything else that brings bad energy or memories! TOSS IT! Put loose photographs in frames, photo albums or a photo box or… do what I do.. use them as postcards!
4- RESOLVE OLD ISSUES! Get rid of flakey friends, lovers and all people who do not have your best interest at heart. This can be hard.. but boy oh boy is it liberating and it feels GREAT! Get rid of old bills… keeping the current one so you can PAY IT! Read your mail OVER your trash can and eliminate junk mail.
5- PRAY & Meditate daily!!! A lot of us “hit the ground running”… and we don’t carve out that time to connect with God. Although we all should be walking in prayer constantly many of us fall short.. BUT.. it will help if you begin starting your day with a period of prayer and meditation. I do this as soon as I open my eyes. It’s a beautiful way to start your day… and a beautiful way to end the day.

Now, don’t try to get this all done in one day… it way take a few weekends to achieve, but once you start to purge and clean your environment, you will notice a different energy surrounding you and your family. Life will not seem as “hurried” and you will ultimately feel more relaxed in your castle. Blessings!!!

by. C. Little~ Majestique Events & Gifts, Inc. 2000

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