Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going Green!!! ~ Majestiquely!!!

Going Green …. Majestiquely!!!

This recent fiasco with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has got us all thinking what we can do to save our planet. Big or small, locally or nationally~ were do we begin if we haven’t already started!!! We’ve been hearing for years how our decisions are causing the ozone layer to deteriorate and how we are destroying our rain forests! Sometimes, it takes national disasters to grab our attention and shake us back to reality.

I’ve been reading and searching for ideas for years…and I’ve found a few great things we all can do!

2- Run your appliances (dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc.) at night.
3- Grow your own herbs and veggies! Yes, you can do this even if you only have a window sill or patio!! While you’re at it… plant a tree!!!! This will increase oxygen and shrink the ozone layer!
4- Water your outdoor plants and gardens in the early morning or late evening!!!!
5- Buy in bulk. Invest in a membership in your local wholesale club or make nice with someone who’s already a member! This will save you loot and less packaging!
6- Invest in the recyclable bags OR just dig out those old tote bags you never use and keep them in your trunk or under your seat! Eventually, it will become habit to grab them on your way into the store!
7- Keep your AC at 78 or higher and your Heat at 70 or below to conserve energy and reduce heating costs. In the summer, close your blinds during the hotter parts of the day and in rooms that have direct sunlight. In the winter… open your blinds and shades to get all the natural sun and heat you can pull!!!!
8- Donate or TRADE old clothes, toys and furnishings. This will lessen the mountain of unwanted debris in our landfills!
9- For those of you who are allergic to washing dishes by hand – only run your dishwasher when it’s FULL and opt to Air Dry your dishes!
10- Consider organic cleaning products like vinegar, borax and baking soda. AND try the Lemon trick for cleaning your microwave out!!! (hint… it’s an older post right here on MajestiqueWorld.blogspot.com!

Okay, so I don’t overwhelm you… I’ll stop there! But I want you to go full steam ahead! Give the list to your children to get them involved and see what ideas they can come up with! Make it a family project for the summer!!!!

© C. Little – 2010


Karma Kidz said...

Thank you so much for these great tips!! I am proud to say that I have been doing good following most of these tips without even realizing it. I will be sure to implement the other great tips that you offered!!


Floss Baby! said...

I'm glad you've found the tips helpful!!! Just imagine if everyone did something small.. how big of an effect it would have! Stay Green...and keep it Majestique!

simplyred said...

Great tips Ms. Majestique!! I have been doing some of these things but the Air drying on the dishwasher is a new one for me!! Thanks:)

Floss Baby! said...

Good Job SimplyRed!!! Keep at it & Spread the word! :-) I've done the air drying of the dishes for a while... every little bit helps!!!!! :-)