Friday, July 9, 2010

Finding Focus ~ Quiet Sundays!

Quiet Sundays….Finding Focus

A Majestique Favorite... so I am re posting!

Good Morning!! Sunday is my quiet day.. or at least it is supposed to be quiet. But with children… it doesn’t work that way all of the time!

Most Sundays, I get up around 7am (while everyone - the world & my household is still asleep) Light my Majestique Candle… (Vineyard Seascape, Total Spa or Grapefruit Splash are my favorites from ) Shower (peacefully), dress in a light flowing and loose fitting garment and just sit still.. meditate… breathe. Take in all of the beautiful energy of a Sunday morning.. rain or shine. I do a breathing exercise that calms, centers and energizes.

Sitting still- back straight, seated on the floor or chair (indoors or out)

Take deep breath in for 4 counts, Hold for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts and hold for 4 counts.

Repeat as many times as needed.

While doing this exercise….when inhaling… try to inhale positive thoughts…positive energy… positive images… positive feelings.. The Spirit of GOD.

When exhaling… exhale all of the negative…energy, thoughts, feelings and images…..(that other dude that attacks daily)

Believe it or not… it works. It helps me be able to clear my mind and relax…allowing me to think “lightly” about my week ahead. A nice cup of Tea always helps… (I recommend a blend from my new affiliate ~ ) I also take this time to prepare a nice Sunday breakfast.. with smooth Jazz, Uplifting Inspirational or Uplifting Gospel to accompany my lifted spirits!!!! If you have a large bunch be sure to try my "Zip Lock Omelets" (find this under the April 2009 achieves)

If you don’t already have a Quiet Sunday routine.. try it out, and tell me how you feel afterwards.

PEACE!!! & Blessings!

Ms. Majestique

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