Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sun Salutations!!!

If you've never tried a Sun Salutation... I suggest, you put on your yoga (or yoga like) outfit, light your Majestique Spa Candles (, find a place facing the rising sun.... and begin to Relax, Relate and Release while receiving ALL of that GOOD energy, Vitamin C and Vitality from the SUN!!!

It's been said that Yoga's sun salutations are among the most refined and effective movement meditations for health and well-being ever created. This exercise was originally practiced to connect to the sun's vitality. The combination of forward & backbends, awakens the breath and promotes circulation. I also find that it brings forth a balance of Chi. (our energy)

It can be done anywhere... like I said, facing the rising sun. Afterwards, I usually sit for a moment.... gather my thoughts, do my four fold breathing...(I spoke about that in Quiet Sundays) and meditate for as long as my household lets me. :-) Afterward, I follow up with .... yes, a nice cup of tea ( allow my self more time of Stillness.

Here's one of my favorite clips starring internationally acclaimed vinyasa flow yoga teacher Shiva Rea. ENJOY.... Submerge!

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