Friday, July 4, 2008

What's That UR Reading???

Ok.. people who know me.. know I LOVEEEEEEEEE a good book. I love books to educate you about history, culture & world affairs… but my all time favorites… ha haaaa.. are the down and dirty… (not “naassssty dirty”.. but durty….action packed.. drama filled… can’t put it down so eat some cereal for dinner… eye rubbing… all night reading GOOOOOD books. I LOVE novels by my fellow Black authors who know how to put a spin on words and have you dreaming about the characters!! So, with that being said.. I figured I’d let you know what’s hot! and what’s not… of course, these are my own opinions!!!

If you’ve never heard of Wahida Clark… I suggest you google her! This is a sister.. who while in prison.. wrote and successful sold not 1… or 2 but if I’m not mistaken 4 novels AND STILL GOING STRONG. (Talk about overcoming your odds!!! OMG.. I’m so proud of her) They are Street… they are gutter But OMG… they are some Goooooood reads. She is a Number 1 Essence Best Selling Author.. and she is on point when it comes to “street novels..”… I believe she’s been crowned the Queen…. and a NJ native!!!

I read the first book… THUGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM” in 3 days… the sequel, “EVERY THUG NEEDS A LADY” I bought to read on the plan coming home from Hawaii… ok, didn’t happen.. I read it in 2 days… and as soon as I got home…. order and express shipped the 3rd in the series… “THUG MATRIMONY”… another read in 3 days!!! WHEW.. ACTION… DRAMA….. MYSTERY…. ok, yeah.. there’s some steamyyyyyyyyyy hot scenes… but WOW.. talk about a book that puts you in the middle of it all. She also has a second set of books… unrelataed to the Thug series.. but the same type of story.. “PAYBACK IS A MUTHA” and “PAYBACK WITH YA LIFE”…. read them both! HOT like FIRE!

Now, some people may say… “my goodness… why do you read such novels…” and “oh my… the content is SOOOO graphic and the language is so harsh”… yep, it is.. but to me.. it’s just like watching the movies we watch… just more details. I like the books because it shows a side a life, a lot of us don’t see… (some of us don’t wish to see)… and a side of life most of us don’t understand. I love Ms. Clarks books.. because she keeps it VERY real. Basically… You can be in “the life”… you can have alllllllll the money jewels…. cars.. .but there IS a price to pay??? How many of you are willing to pay it…. She deals with ALLLL issues.. abuse, black on black crime, down-low “thugs”, AIDS, depression, self esteem…. All of it!! And there’s no sugar coating it! She gives it to you raw!!!

So… if you’re up for a GOOD READ… and some REAL raw Drama.. pick up a copy of her book and tell me what you think!!!

You can check her out at

Holla at me… ya heard? (lol)


Anonymous said...

I heard Ms.Clark has another book out...have you read it yet?

Anonymous said...

I recently read her last book which came out in August.. the 4th book to the thug series... I LOVED it... as always.. looking forward to part 5!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going out to get her books NOW!!!!!