Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Majestique Favorite Song of the Month!!!!

Ok, I'm ALWAYS complaining about the music of today... don't get me wrong.. I LOVE MUSIC!!.. but I also think that the music has gotten into a "rut" where all of the artists seem to think they have to be extremely graphic or rauchy with their lyrics. I just miss that music that said it without saying it. For the record, I am a Luke fan.. I LOVE Bass.. Hip Hop... Jazz....Dr. Dre...Onyx.. and a whole range of music, I just think there is a time and place for everything. I should not have to flip the stations constantly when I'm in the car with my child. So, with all of that being said ... I LOVE THIS SONG! It's HOT.. It's BEAUTIFUL... It's just what we need and I will be loading it onto my daughter's IPOD!!!!.... GO LLOYD!!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this song! I see you have an itunes button, can I purchase it from there?

Anonymous said...

this is a really nice song! good music!